Preethi Vikram
LIFE (Leadership Initiative For Educators), India

Leadership Initiative For Educators is a dynamic initiative that focuses on educational leadership and organizational cultures. It aims to create an ecosystem for educators to create compelling visions for future and charter a clear evolving roadmap. Our members are exposed to mentoring and seminars & workshops from eminent industry thought leaders. This is supplemented by certified programs, motivational and informational keynote talks and publications. Leadership is a complex journey of self realization and fulfillment. We enable school leaders to be the agents of change in their fields, by helping them develop essential tools and strategies of professional networking, strategic planning, personal growth and leadership, effective planning and teamwork.

Mrs. Kausar Sayeed

Highly skilled and accomplished early childhood educator with extensive knowledge of the latest and most effective teaching method, specialize in effective teacher training programs, development skills with effectual presentation and communication abilities. More than a decade of hands–on experience with expertise on integrated curriculums.

Kausar Sayeed founded a company Learn2lead with a vision to empower preschools by connecting experts from the field to preschools.

Dedicated, resourceful, and passionate education professional with an accomplished career promoting quality education in the capacities of an Early Childhood Resource Specialist across India.

Sonal Ravi Andrews
Director and Founder
Integrated Preschool Teachers Training Academy (IPTAA)

Appreciating the growing demand of teacher training programs IPTTA wants to create a platform for aspiring teachers. Our most appreciated and well-known program is in collaboration AIECCE (All India Early Childhood Care and Education) NTT – 1yr. course. Our Faculty is well known and experienced in the pre-primary teachers training field. IPTTA has been born out of passion to train teachers dealing with young ones.

Anu Sachdev
Change Designers, India

For-purpose storytellers creating impactful immersive containers to elicit engagement and action from audience. We design change through narratives (entertainment education), flipped mindsets (positive deviance), and tweaking how people interact (liberating structures). Our mission is to partner with organizations to generate and produce innovative and evidence based communication & change mechanisms that enable communities to grow from the inside-out!

Anu Sachdev is a practitioner of narrative based social change strategies specializing in transmedia campaigns, entertainment-education, and complexity science approaches. Anu brings international experience and passion in design, production, implementation and extensive monitoring & evaluation for storytelling campaigns. While mainstreaming, Anu tactfully personalizes social narratives for audiences. She has produced more than 10 interventions around the globe that have moved people to action.Anu earned two masters’ degrees from the University of Delhi and University of Texas in communication for social change strategies and complexity -inspired change management.

Anu has worked with great organizations such as PCI Media Impact, New York; University of Texas at El Paso; Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs; Breakthrough; Population Foundation of India amongst others.